CAMWorks 2020 SP2.0 for SolidWorks 2019-2020 $65
CAMWorks 2019 SP5.0 for SolidWorks 2018-2020 $60
CAMWorks 2018 SP5 for SolidWorks 2017-2018 $60


CAM Software for SolidWorks

CamWorks for Solidworks is a CAM (computer aided manufacturing) solution which has the honour of being the first of its kind to be integrated fully and completely into operating with SolidWorks. It is also impressive in the regard that it is the first of its kind to offer knowledge-based, feature recognition and associative machining capabilities within the framework established by SolidWorks. This means that CamWorks uses the same geometry to ensure that the parts you have machined come out looking the same as your models.


CamWorks software is very impressive in its ability to help you create parts as accurately as possible. The first step to understanding why you should purchase this product is to look at the features you gain access to by doing so:

  • Toolpath simulation
  • Automated intelligent machining capabilities
  • Automatic Feature Recognition
  • Technology Database
  • 2 and a half axis mill
  • 3 axis mill
  • Turning
  • Mill-Turn with 5 axis simultaneous machining support
  • 4/5 axis simultaneous machining
  • Wire EDM
  • 2 and 4 axis turning
  • 3 axis toolpath engine
  • Various other useful modules


CamWorks for SolidWorks enables you to create output as efficiently as possible. Each of the features outlined above is extremely helpful and useful when it comes to machining parts; the 3 axis toolpath for example, which greatly strengthens the milling capabilities of this CamWorks software.

The toolpath simulation functionality makes it possible to assess differences between parts when looking at parts in terms of “as designed” and “as machined.” There’s also a knowledge-based database available with CamWorks for SolidWorks, and this can be exploited to automatically generate toolpaths, using automation to implement intelligent machining techniques.

There is also the Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) that also provides convenience through automation. It also works in conjunction with the technology database. How it works is that the AFR defines prismatic machinable features automatically. Meanwhile the technology database defines operations by generating accurate toolpaths automatically.

Knowledge-based machining is one of the most attractive aspects of this product as it provides you with the option of standardising and automating processes easily. These capabilities are further supported by the inclusion of features including (but not limited to) the improved TechDB user interface, and the additional parameters which have been outlined for 3D milling.


CamWorks software is extremely impressive in its capabilities. Knowledge-based machining is one of its greatest assets as it allows you to standardise and automate processes as accurately as possible. Once you have fully taken advantage of this capability you will be able to save a lot of time and create output at a much faster rate; meaning that you can meet tighter deadlines and produce more parts. Features such as the Automatic Feature Recognition and the Intelligent Machining capabilities greatly contribute to this benefit.

The 2 and 4 axis turning improvements offer benefits in the form of improved toolpath control, reduced changes to the parameters, leveraged canned cycles, and greater flexibility. While milling capabilities such as the 3 axis toolpath make it possible to increase efficiency, and productivity. Thanks to these tools you also spend less time on programming and can promote consistency and quality with your output through standardisation.

In the case of the 4 and 5 multi axis milling features, you will find that they enable you to control multi-axis toolpaths as precisely as possible. This also improves productivity and can help you prevent any potential problems.  And thanks to the advanced high speed machining tools, you can gain the benefit of minimising cycle time by as much as 80 per cent, while increasing tool life by 500 per cent. You will also be able to leverage the full flute length of your tools in this way.