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Solidworks Premium: What to Expect

Solidworks is the gold standard for CAD software for industry professionals and designers. With the new Solidworks 2019 software being released, it’s time to look at what is being offered with it. Understanding these new changes and improvements will not only improve your workflow but they’ll also increase the quality of your work.

SOLIDWORKS software is a solid modeler CAD (Computer-aided Design) and CAE ( Computer-aided Engineering) computer program running on Microsoft Windows. It is published by Dassault Systemes. It provides different types of products, such as, 2D CAD, 3D CAD, CAM, CAE, Collaboration, Electrical Design, Product Configuration, Product data management, Simulation solutions, Technical communication, Visualization, and some solutions like solution by processes, solution by segments, solutions by job functions, solutions by industries and solution by platforms. SOLIDWORKS 2019 premium provides a little better functionality and enhancements.


Features, Functionality & user benefits -


New design area -


There is an addition of new design opportunities in the designing area. The new feature introduced by the manufacturer provides some new tools for working net geometry & speed up all the designing processes to a higher level. One of the tools created by SOLIDWORKS 2019 is the slicing tool. It enables the generation of 2D sections at the intersection of a desired geometry & series of planes. The user just has to define the number of planes required & the SOLIDWORKS will create and save those planes in a file. The planes can be extracted from the files anytime & dynamic changes can be made to it for deciding its accurate position & other aspects.


Another tool added to this area is related to the 3D texture tool. This tool helps in defining a pattern of bumps in a design by using an image. Using different aspects of this tool, like mesh size control & offset control, SOLIDWORKS finally create the end product all ready for downstream process or 3D printing.


SOLIDWORKS 2019 software has designed a tool for Multi-Body part modelling. The tool is called the interference detection tool. The tool can detect all the elements and other multi-body parts & checks that all the parts are properly trimmed or not.


Introduction of a new Group Mates option has been done in order to make it easier to manage the mates. Mates are grouped by status, which helps in finding & cleaning-up the assembly easily.

Another approach for concentric rotations is made; one can easily lock all the concentric rotation with one click. A system option, which locks all the newly inserted toolbox component rotation.


Innovative collaborative tool design -


Collaboration brings better communication, which helps, in sharing of ideas & models. This new feature enables sharing of the markups in PDF formats to the outside of the designing community. One can directly add markups to several parts & assemblies with the help of a touch device. When detail simplification is needed, the Defeature tool comes in handy. With the help of this advanced tool, highly simplified assemblies can be created.

The new select Identical Tool is now available in SOLIDWORKS 2019, which enables selection of parts and individual bodies for simplification. The Tight fit outline tool helps to measure the silhouette direction or multiple direction options. Selection of a face or plane can also be done as a second direction.


After the simplification finishes, the Defeatured model can be saved in a new file with a ‘Link’. The document is saved in the original, which later can be uploaded to the 3D content central and shared online to millions of designers & engineers.


Faster & maximum productivity –

SOLIDWORKS software has various features, which makes it even faster, & efficient process creating a better product. These tools are specially designed for the better experience of the user working with SOLIDWORKS. The products after using these tools are better in quality and more economic.


The SOLIDWORKS model-based definition (MBD) helps all the PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) to be applied directly to the 3D geometry. It removes the high cost & time required to create 2D drawings prior to the process. The further enhancement of the workflow, SOLIDWORKS 2019 now enables the user to copy the previous Tolerance & dimensions schemes to a derived part, which eliminates the need of recreating any PMI.

SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019 helps in reducing the programming time by some new productivity enhancements. It defines multiple manufacturing setups and operations on a unique part by utilizing the power of configurations. It also helps in increasing the tool life & improving the surface finish by adding a new custom tool & corner slow down options. Moving of machining features to any other position makes it easier for machining to mid tolerance not changing the geometry of the model. The time for the processing of different parts has been reduced drastically making the SOLIDWORKS more user-friendly.

With the help of SOLIDWORKS Inspection, the quality team can study & present a report as the first article. That article will be considered as the final inspection by the quality control. The critical information in your drawing can be immediately by the SOLIDWORKS inspection, which extracts the information like part numbers, names, revisions, notes, etc. Support for hot tables in SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides more flexibility over the group of characteristics, which ensures that the first article inspection reports meet the standards and requirements of the industry and your organization.

User Interface Enhancements -

This new feature helps the user have smooth learning & easy to use experience. It enhances the rate of productivity on a daily basis. It enables quick access to all of a user's design and keeps up to 100 of his recent activities on the home page. A preview option is available individually for each document. The new ‘quick filter' option can be applied to refine the list and display the desired parts, drawings or assemblies. This feature reduced a lot of time & effort to go and search the entire file for the desired document or a part of it. Also, the management of the external references for the assembly is a vital part of the process. SOLIDWORKS 2019 does this work very smartly. The external references can now be assembled & viewed in a brand new interactive dialogue box. Working with external references has never been so easier. You can now get access to the measuring tools anytime seamlessly and without any interrupted workflow.


The latest touch hardware -

Apart from software improvement, the design hardware has been improving & updating new features regularly. it has been more productive in the fields of touching, penning & dialing input devices. Now any Windows touch-enabled device let the user the Microsoft Surface Dial to pan, zoom and rotate his design model.

The new SOLIDWORKS gesture sketching provides a better & unique approach to capture quick design ideas. This feature catches the idea in the user's mind & works according to that. It automatically converts the hand-sketched shapes of the user into splines. It makes it easier & less time consuming to achieve the desired shape. Apart from industrial design, Gesture sketching also provides its application in creating prismatic designs. It recognizes the hand-sketched lines, arcs, circles, slot shapes and easily converts them into slot sketch entities. It helps the user utilize this new way of model creation in spite of the geometry.


Another new approach to model creation is that this new feature can create the design for you if you just write it on the screen. It immediately captures the design intent and dimensions to give the result efficiently. One just has to do the selection of a sketch or an entity, then SOLIDWORKS will do the detection and interruption of the user's handwriting to create a fully associated driving dimension. Addition of sketch dimensions has never been so easier before!

SOLIDWORKS also gives access to an intuitive touch-optimized environment, which helps in typical day-to-day design workflows. Using smart mates, the touch interaction helps you to organize & assemble the parts quick & in an easier way. The SOLIDWORKS 2019 premium automatically assembles the desired parts you tap on the screen. SOLIDWORKS can easily interpret one's touch inputs and gestures & switches the model behavior according to that.

SOLIDWORKS Treehouse -

The SOLIDWORKS Treehouse is a unique standalone feature which enables building, viewing, and managing the SOLIDWORKS assembly structures. In SOLIDWORKS 2019 software, the capabilities of this application have extended with greater flexibility. It is useful in case of large assemblies having several branches. The user can easily hide or open the file images by simply using the new toggle provided in the options dialogue box, which gives the user more control over the display management of his assemblies. The treehouse feature identifies each node of the assembly by using the file names before. In the new version of SOLIDWORKS 2019 Premium, one can easily change the search mode of the display rather than just the file name. It gets excessively easier to find any component in the whole structure & get the work done in no time. It can easily export the information about assembly structure to Microsoft Excel, which helps a lot. The treehouse also enables preview of graphical images resulting in better clarity and reduction in the risk of misidentification of the parts.


Critical design information communication -

SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model-Based Definition) 2019 enables sheet metalannotations support with better protection over the intellectual property. It has the ability to use copied dimension schemes in the derived parts. It successfully eliminates the time and cost of consuming traditional documentation. It serves as a greater solution, which helps the design manufacturers in creating & communicating their critical design information via a 3D model.

With the sheet metal annotation feature, the automatic insertion of the bend notes directly onto a component flat pattern view is now easier. It results in the display of each angle, radius & bend direction. A tabular display of bend details is enabled for the components having many bends. It is now easier to capture all of the manufacturing information in a bend table, the relative tagging of all bends with the bend information in the table is done. This helps the user in detailing the sheet metal design, which gets captured in a 3D view in the next step. That 3D can now be shared & viewed by the other team members.

The security of intellectual property is very important. The use of 3D PDF files helps a lot in this case giving the user access to control all of his properties. The security settings improvement has done the job well by giving access to printing, copying & editing to the user only. It has also enabled the password for the documents feature for the user. He can protect his documents by setting a secure password. Provision of a master password is also there in case the user needs extra protection; the master password can override all the security settings in case of need.


Jumpstart on technical documentation -


With the integration of Solidworks software and PDM, a smarter way to jump start in the creation of technical documentation has now been more efficient. It streamlines the whole process by allowing the user to use the latest version of every aspect, anytime & anywhere. One can also change or release automation settings.

PDM has this offline mode which enables the technical writer to work even with a disconnected network. One can create and modify the deliverables in one vault itself. It removes the need for copying & then pasting when you go back to the office. Just going back to the online mode one can add all his new documents with just a click!

It automatically manages and updates the latest versions itself. If there is any need for input from the user, SOLIDWORKS notifies them to do so. With this feature, the user doesn't need to update the documents to a new version again and again. When he reopens the file, everything is there auto-updated ready to use. It reduces the work effort & time for the user making him have a smoother experience with the SOLIDWORKS SOFTWARE.